Third Castle Films

Two new posts in one day?! What?! Here is a logo I made for a buddy's independent film making company.
You can check out a preview of the film and help donate to the company to continue their creative works here: Click These Words!

New Seasons Photography

Hey guys, it's been a while... sorry. Here is a logo and icon I developed for a local photography company. Let me know what you think.

World Autism Awareness Day/Month

April is Autism Awareness Month and this year April 2nd (Today) is World Autism Awareness Day.


I created this image to help spread the word.


I tried using this blog as just a portfolio site... it looked like crap. So now I'm going to use it as it was intended, as a blog. I will be blogging about my creative adventures as they happen. Design work, tattoos, building things, automotive work, household work, literally anything creative I do I will share on here.

I studied Graphic Design in school, but I have always viewed myself as an artist in many other forms...

On days where I don't have a work from that day to post I will be posting projects I did in school or past projects so hopefully for the next few weeks I will have a new post every day.

Its hard for me to share me work... but I'm going to try this out.

Let the adventure begin...